A Word About Tax Preparation Chains

Tax preparation chains like H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt—even Walmart, more recently—are franchises designed for the exclusive purpose of dealing with volume. The truth is, they are there to move as many tax returns as quickly as possible through the system, and while there is nothing wrong with this business model (provided it is transparent in the way it’s marketed), these tax services do in fact use briefly trained, seasonal employees. The unprofessional staff invariably results in limited quality control. In 2017, Smart Money offered a report detailing some of the pitfalls associated with this quick fix, short-term financial thinking. The Government Accountability Office went undercover to get returns done at one of the franchises and in turn recorded their findings. You can probably guess at the outcome: nearly all of the returns contained errors in one form or another. The moral of the story, at least as we see it? You are better off going with an accountant or an enrolled agent with whom you can develop a longterm relationship. A relationship like this will yield more than someone who transcribes your numbers. You are better off going with your neighborhood accountant!

We are well-qualified to assist you in any of the following areas:

Small Businesses

⦁ Ongoing financial accounting and bookkeeping

⦁ Reconciliation of your bank accounts

⦁ Periodical review of your business record

⦁ Preparation of interim and year-end financial statements

⦁ Payroll processing

⦁ Federal and state payroll reports

⦁ Preparation of sales tax filings

⦁ QuickBooks consulting and training

⦁ Tax planning

⦁ Business income tax returns

⦁ Representation before state and federal government agencies



Non-Profit Organizations

⦁ Accounting system evaluation

⦁ Periodical accounting services

⦁ Compilation of financial statements

⦁ General Ledger assistance

⦁ Federal exempt organization tax returns




⦁ Tax planning

⦁ Electronically filing income tax returns

⦁ Deducting all allowable expenses

⦁ Handling correspondence from federal and state authorities

⦁ Legal representation before the Internal Revenue Service

⦁ Handling of tax audits

⦁ Guiding start-up of your small business



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